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High-Grade Hydro Excavating Services

We use a high dump excavator, which dumps

wet soil directly into a dewatering box without

the use of ramps — this minimizes your disposal costs.

  • Water main breaks

  • Cracked walls and telephone poles

  • Boom excavation

  • Remote hydro excavation

  • Pipe and line repairs

  • Utility pole holes and trench excavation

  • Fiber line repairs

Comprehensive Hydro Excavating Services

Apart from providing hydro excavating services, Liberty Vactor Service also provides utility locating, catch basin cleaning, storm jetting, and trench drain cleaning services. Contact us today to talk to our team.

Safe and Secure Vactor Services in Holland, MI

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If you want to locate utility lines and other underground elements without risking their damage,

opt for our hydro excavating services today!


This method helps to quickly remove dirt and soil for construction or pipeline excavation. It's the safest way to expose pipes for inspection. Hydro excavation can be used for boom excavation and fiber line repairs too!

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